Free Guitar Lessons by Gibson

There are many websites that offer free guitar lessons.  Most of them are packed with ads, affiliate offers, etc.  It’s rare that you find a quality free guitar lessons site.

Since the day I’ve played a Gibson Les Paul Standard, I’ve been a big fan of Gibson Guitars.  Gibson’s website has a Free Guitar Lessons section.

If you like to watch the video of a 16 Note A Minor Pentatonic, or 12 Bar Blues or even a Standard 12 Bar Blues, Gibson’s guitar lessons site is a great place.

You can also download over 200 songs at Gibson’s Download Section.

It’s always great for guitar players to find free guitar lessons of any level online.  I hope Gibson takes this section seriously, and keeps adding more tutorials, videos and podcasts to their site.

Also if you play the classical guitar, remember to check Classical Guitar Sheet Music post I’ve written about free sheet music resources.


One response to “Free Guitar Lessons by Gibson

  1. Looks like a nice bunch of lessons. I’ll check it out further tomorrow when my brain switches back on.

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