Cort Electric Guitar Review

One of my friends has asked my opinion about Cort electric guitars.  I have never played a Cort electric guitar, but will stop by one of the local guitar shops and try one out.

Cort electric guitar prices seem pretty reasonable, and there are some good reviews at guitar review sites.

While searching youtube for cort guitar videos, I’ve found this test video for cort electric guitar:

I was wondering if anybody owns a cort electric guitar, and would like to share their views on it?


2 responses to “Cort Electric Guitar Review

  1. I own three Cort Guitars. A G254, an M600 and a 1980’s strat copy that I picked for practically free and all that I have to say is that they are all outstanding instruments for the money. The G254 (a $200) instrument has a feel and finish comparable to fenders in the $500 range. Be careful if getting the lower end and check the neck over carefully. Cheap Corts are notorious for string buzz (usually fixable) but if you check it over you can find a perfect one right from the factory. The M600 is absolutely beautiful in every sense. For $400 it blew the $1000 Epiphones out of the shop for overall quality.

  2. Love my HBSII signature Cort for Hiram Bullock (RIP). Outstanding sound and quality

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