18-String Bass Guitar

This was my first experience to see a picture of 18-String Bass Guitar. I’m really influenced and started to think about too many questions like “how to play this instrument?” or “how are they tuning this guitar?” etc.

let’s make acquaintance this instrument more…

Modulus 18-String Bass and Allen Woody

Modulus 18-String Bass and Allen Woody

Modulus produced this 18- string bass for Tom Peterson in the beginning of 1980’s.  The model was neck- through including a custom Stars Guitars brass bridge. According to modulus founder Geoff Gould, it is short 30 ½ scale. The neck is around 2 ¼ wide at the nut and around 3 ¾ wide at the 24th fret. This bass was cretaed around the same time that Petersson left Cheap Trick. Petersson is said not to like it and then it was shipped back to Modulus. Allan Woody got in touch with Modulus around that time and asked if an 18- string as the one you made for Tom Petersson could be built for him. When he was informed that the actual Petersson bass convinient, he became the new owner. He was stil holding it at the time of his death.

Vox Humana 18-String Bass

In the Netherlands this 18- string bass created by Vox Humana as a custom order. Photos courtesy of Rene van Loon at at the Music Centre Vox Humana.


5 responses to “18-String Bass Guitar

  1. This is a multi octave bass. Please upload this to the strange/Exotic section at axewar.com and get it rated :-)

  2. OK, way cool! Question-where did you get the bridge? I am working on a 15 string bass and have not found a source for bridges. I may have to fabricate one if I can’t find one. Not looking forward to that.

  3. I remember seeing an 18-string bass on a televised concert some 10 years ago. I think it was the Allman Bros. That thing looked huge and rather awkward. This bass is more stylish. I was surprised that it is a short scale. I have a custom 5-course 10-string bass which is also short scale and 24-frets (2 octaves). I love my bass to pieces, but I admit I feel a twinge of envy when I see something like this. It’s just plain awesome. I don’t understand why Peterson did like it. The new owner is one lucky bass owner.

    • Jeff – Yes, it probably was an Allman Brothers concert. I found this site by googling 18 string. I’m not a player. I photograph a lot of players (esp. Blues players.) My Love and I visited Macon, GA instead of taking the bypass this time and found a fabulous place called “The Big House,” an Allman Bros. museum. I took a photo of a very odd looking instrument there and it is indeed an 18 string bass made by Modulus that is on display. I highly recommend taking the time to see the Big House, http://www.thebighousemuseum.com/, instead of flying right on by on 475.

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