Vivaldi’s Four Season Concerto Covered by Populer Guitarists

The most famous Italian violin player and magnificent composer of fabulous concertos and sonatas. Antonio Lucio Vivaldi  was one of the important person who had lived at baroque period at 18th century. Today His important works are still listening by too many clasiccal music lover and also performers are trying to cover his songs by different instruments like todays popular instrument “electric guitar”. His most populer concerto work four season’s(le quattro stagioni) one of his best works.

Here are some populer guitar players’ performance videos. They are playing the 2nd part of concerto four season. This part is called “summer”. In italian it’s called l’estate

I hope You are gonna like these performances.. It’s very interesting to listen a classical concerto in a Rock music instrument electric guitar. It’s an interesting combination.

enjoy the cover performances..

Children of Boddom Guitarists Alexi Laiho and Roope Latvala’s Cover Performance

Mr. Big’s ex Guitarist Paul Gilbert’s Performance

Korean Successful Guitarist Funtwo’s(jeong hyun lim) Performance

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