A funny mistake from our childhood movie with a guitarist eye !

I don’t think that there isn’t any person who doesn’t know the movie “back to the future”.. it is our childhood film from 80’s..

There was a well known scene that marty mcfly was playing “Johhny b. Goode” from Chuck Berry who is the master of Gibson Guitars and rock n’ roll of 50’s and 60’s.. while marty was playing “go johnny go go go”, the year was 1955.. and he was playing a Gibson ES335..

You can see the guitar that marty is playing below:

But this guitar was produced at 1958.. : )

I think the producer of the movie had choosed this guitar because of its excellent tone and sound.. you cannot get this excellent tone for this song, on every guitars.. so they had choosed this guitar knowingly.. but it was a funny situation with a guitarist eye as i said before..

When we had watched this movie as child, we didn’t recognize this mistake..

But now, with a guitarist eye, it is a funny movie mistake..

You can watch this scene from here and hear this excellent sound..
Marty mcfly (Michael j. Fox) is really playing this song.. he is not pretend to play guitar..



2 responses to “A funny mistake from our childhood movie with a guitarist eye !

  1. it is a 345 not a 335.

  2. You have a good eye for detail.
    The guitar solo in the movie is one of my favourite, good sound and good comedy moment.

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