Guitar Picks Buying Guide

Just when you think buying a guitar pick is as easy as picking out the one with your favorite color and the cutest design, think again. Playing the right guitar pick, no matter what style of music you are to play, makes all the difference in the world in terms of playing the guitar a whole lot easier.

Triangular Guitar Picks. These are the most common ones out there and are referred to as standard triangle-shaped picks. The wide portion allows for grip while the narrow end is for picking. Besides picking, the narrow end tends to slide off the strings, generating a more mellow sound.

Sharkfin picks can also be used as standard picks. A simple and quick rotation of the pick can also be used to create different tones due to multiple contacts. There are also Teardrop shaped picks and Jazz picks which are usually more firm than Standard plectrums thus offering a brighter tone and faster response.

Lastly, there are Equilateral picks that form a perfect triangle which are easier to hold since you can hold them at any side. Equilateral picks also has durability. If one end gets worn out, you can simply use another end.

Thumb and Finger Picks. These types of picks are attached to the end of your fingers and act as a fake fingernail for those who like strumming guitars with their fingers but opt for shorter nails that would not be sufficient for playing. Besides convenience, this provides a much crisper sound than plucking strings with just the tip of your finger.

Besides the traditional picks, there are a number of guitar picks in the market that are being made to fit the style of different guitarists. Some are bigger some are brush picks that can comb through your guitar strings. These specialty guitar picks provides more diversity and sound. You can also experiment playing with these guitar tools and accessories to see what kind of music you can include in your performance aside from the usual guitar tunes.

Guitar Pick Thickness. Guitar picks also offer different varieties of sound based on how thin or thick they are. A thinner picks give out mellow tunes while thicker ones provide a more bright and energized effect. Though thinner ones are understandably less durable than thick picks, they allow for quick and easy strumming while the thicker picks offer strength for guitar solos.

Left to right: Standard, Teardrop, Jazz, Equilateral-Triangle, Sharkfin Guitar Picks

With the variety you are offered with on guitar picks, there is certainly no harm in trying more than one. Experiment with several ones to see which one you’ll be more comfortable with and which ones can also bring more to your performance than what an average pick can offer.


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  1. Great informative blog on guitar picks.

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