Yamaha Guitar Package Comparison & Buying Guide

Acoustic, Electric or Bass? This is one of the many questions you are faced with when you first start learning how to play the guitar. There are countless options on music stores you are bound to visit and most of the time; they just end up with headaches. So instead of punishing yourself in the beginning of your musical journey, why not try guitar packages like the Yamaha Gigmaker guitar pack? Guitar packages such as Yamaha Guitar Package will provide you with everything you need to have to start learning and playing your first guitar.

Yamaha Guitar Package has three different types that will help you settle on what would be suitable for your own style.

Best Deals on Yamaha Guitar Packs

Yamaha Gigmaker Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Package

The first one is a Yamaha acoustic guitar package, which comes with the fundamentals such as a sheath, a tuner, a set of extra strings, guitar strap, picks and instructional DVD guide for your guitar.

Also a part of it is a hollow body guitar that come in standard and deluxe pack. The standard pack is a basic guitar that includes an FG body style while the deluxe pack comes with a more appealing dreadnought style of mahogany and spruce.

A common favorite of guitar novices is the second package which includes an electric guitar. Yamaha Electric Guitar Pack has the similar components as that of the acoustic package but includes an amplifier. Mind you, this comes at a slightly higher cost than the acoustic because of the additional parts. But the appealing and varying tunes that can be made with this package makes it all the more worth every penny.

Lastly comes the bass guitar package, having the same workings with the acoustic package also, the defining feature that makes this bass package quite unique is the additional bass amp. The importance of the bass amp is its ability to carry out low tunes coming from a bass guitar without blowing out the speaker that an ordinary amp tends to do. Given that it is also quite effortless to learn, this is also a beginner’s favorite.

Selecting the right guitar on your musical journey takes a lot of effort and time. For this reason, guitar makers and enthusiasts had made it easy by compiling the basics and providing guitar packages that will help you narrow down your search. It’s now a matter of finding out what style you are more comfortable with and selecting the right guitar packs that comes with that.

Best Deals on Yamaha Guitar Packs

Yamaha Gigmaker Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Package


One response to “Yamaha Guitar Package Comparison & Buying Guide

  1. I’ve never used the Yamaha Gigmaker series of guitars, but they seem to be about the same quality as the Fender DG packs – both of which are great for beginners.

    Heck, when I started out, I had a guitar much worse than this, and I ended up just fine on guitar. I think dedication goes a long way, no matter the instrument or quality you’re working with.

    Good post!

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