Guitar Instruction Books

You can find guitar instruction books for any kind of guitar playing. The guitar instruction books may vary according to the different genres but the teaching theory for guitar remains constant for all styles.

For classical guitar instruction books, the student will be taken from theory directly to simple pieces then progressing along time without learning chord shapes or improvisation. A jazz guitar instruction book will be full of uncommon guitar chords and scales. A rock or blues guitar instruction book will take the novice player through progressive improvisation for pentatonic scales and the CAGED chord system.

Spencer Westwood’s Beyond Bedroom Guitar is a good introduction to guitar playing. The guitar instruction book starts off with introduction with how the student should look at guitar playing. The book is aimed at the guitarist who already knows how to strum and read chords. This book is based on changing the way guitar playing is approached in general and contains techniques. (Check Out this Book on

Another book worth getting is The Only Basic Guitar Instruction Book You’ll Ever Need by Jack Wilkins and Peter Rubie. The book starts with choosing your first guitar up to guitar music theory. They also cover basic finger picking. The book’s instruction system alternates between theory and practice. This is a good way to absorb the theories by application. (Check Out this Book on

Guitar Lesson World: The Book by Patrick MacFarlane is another instruction book that is worth getting. Patrick MacFarlane is the founder of which has been giving free guitar lessons since 1996. This book is a compilation of lessons. This is one of the inexpensive books available and is very comprehensive. It goes with an audio file that is found on the website. This book is mostly about theories and will have to rely on the reader to do the practical application.

The guitar instruction books mentioned above were chosen for their approach to guitar playing lessons. The targets are the guitar players who are committed to learn the proper methods and stick to the rules that these books will provide. There are other guitar instruction books but with these mentioned books you can get started on the right foot.

Other Best Selling Guitar Instruction Books on

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