Gibson Flying V Electric Guitar

The Gibson Flying V electric guitar was so popular in the late 50s and even up to today, there are still guitar players who would want to own this guitar model. The V shaped guitar is an attention-getter and will always be a collector’s dream guitar. The guitar was priced at $247.50 plus a $75.00 for the hard case when it first came out. For that price, it was not so affordable. Those who were able to buy a “V” when it was first released would know that it is worth thousands at this point in time.

The 1958 Gibson Flying V was manufactured on a limited scale. It was said that the guitar had less than a 100 piece when it came out in the market. Original Flying Vs nowadays would cost $40,000 and the value is rising as they become limited.

1958 Gibson Flying V Electric Guitars

So what makes this V shaped guitar so popular even though it is more than 50 years old? For one thing its unique look made it so “modern” during the late 50s. It also produces a decent sound which makes it nice to play. Gibson still sells a Flying V Gothic model which has 2 ’57 style humbucking pickups with no covers. A mark of its originality is the moon-and-star inlay at the 12th fret.

Flying V Gothic model

In 1965, Gibson also changed the body to mahogany. The early vintage Flying V has a korina body which is also known as African limba wood. Some Vs from 1965 to 1970 had shorter peg head than the 1958 model. Between 1958 to 1974, there are only 600 original style Gibson Flying V guitars manufactured according to Gruhn and Fjestad.

The Flying Vs went through a lot of innovations over the years. The Flying V1/83 had an alder body and the Flying V 400/400+ to the reissue 1967 Gibson Flying V in 1990 had a mahogany, chrome-plated hardware and knobs in triangular patter. The Gibson Flying V ’67 was just one of several reissue models, a list that includes the Gibson Flying V faded, Jimi Hendrix ’69 flying V Custom, the Gibson Flying V Gothic and even a Lonnie Mack Flying V.

Jimi Hendrix '69 flying V

There are imitations Flying Vs being sold in the market. One is simply called “The V” and released in 1983. If you are looking for a new Flying V, there are models like the Gibson Flying V Faded 3 pickup sold at about $900. Colors now vary for the Flying V with a black and pink model that can be seen on the Gibson Vs website.

Left-handed Gibson Flying V is also being sold though some retailers are cutting back on availability of this model. If you’re thinking along the lines of a Gibson Flying V bass, you might try to find a 1981 model. Less than 400 were made. Last but certainly not least, there is the Gibson reverse Flying V. Retail price on these models hold steady at around $1,600 to $2,000.

Guitar sellers say that the Flying Vs from 1958 through about 1961 will have a five-digit or six-digit number inked on the back of the peg head. The first number, “8” for instance, indicates year. But it’s always best to take some time when dating any older guitar, or when setting a price. Serial number information is sometimes a bit sketchy.

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