Double Neck Guitars

Double neck guitars are great for live performances. The advantage of having a double neck guitar is that the player can not only change sounds but can jump into another source for the creation of that sound. Those who don’t use a double neck guitar will have to place the guitar down and pick up another which might create a gap in the performance. The double neck guitar will be an advantage and shows the versatility of the performer immediately.

Double Neck Guitar

Double neck guitars were popularized by Jimmy Page who was part of the rock band Led Zeppelin. The fantastic use of the double neck guitars can be heard with songs like “The Song Remains the Same”(MP3 Album), “Stairway to Heaven”(MP3) and the “Rain Song”(MP3). Other guitarists like Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush, and John Lodge of the Moody Blues also used double neck guitars but how it was used for performance can be attributed to the Led Zeppelin guitarist.

The combination of two guitars is a work of a genius. Artists can now capture what is done in a recording studio in front of a live audience. This would make the difference between ordinary guitar players and the artist guitarist. The double neck guitar brings to the audience the magical genius of the player.

A popular combination is the 6 and 12 stringed guitars. Another option is to have different keys to make easy access to multiple levels of octaves, tone and pitch. This is useful for live performances where there is no time to tune the guitar to another key.

There are even double neck bass guitars with 4 and 5 strings combination. This type is really for the ultra talented guitar player. Playing bass guitar is difficult in itself. How much more for 2 bass guitars at the same time? The mix is really complicated.

Multiple neck guitars are used by the modern day guitar legends but this is not common and is custom made for the artist. Double neck guitars are not for the beginner guitarist. They may be nice to have but to perfect the handling and playing is something for an experienced person.

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