Learning Guitar Chords

Learning how to play the guitar is never without learning the right guitar chords. Chords are the combination of notes on a guitar but knowing notes alone is like knowing the alphabet without knowing how to read. It always takes time to learn guitar chords as there are several notes and positions you would have to sit through. But once you have familiarized yourself with all the right chords, it wont be long before all that practice turns into performance.

You can research on the basic and common guitar chords to study or, if you want to be more thorough, you can get a chord dictionary and get a comprehensive list of chords to get started. A chord dictionary is your complete guide to learning guitar chords. This has all the chords known to man. Mind you, you may not be able to use all of them but if you really want to learn broadly, getting one will surely help.

There are two common types of guitar chords, the major and the minor chords. Most western music is based on the major scale with the C major having C D E F G A B and C. These are easily found on a piano but poses a more trickier challenge on guitar, as you have to find the right pattern for each note and constantly carry them out on your guitar to remember them.

When it comes to finding the notes, the lowest C note is at the third fret of the fifth string. D is the open fourth string while E is at the second fret on the fourth string.

F note comes from the third fret on the fourth string while an open third string brings out the G note. Note A is at the second fret of the third string and Note B is the second open string.

Now the challenge comes in memorizing the patterns, playing the chords while constantly changing them to fully grasp the guitar chords. When it comes to playing the C major scale with these frets, remember to use your first finger for notes on the first fret, the second finger for the notes on the second fret and the third for those notes on the third fret. It’s as simple as that.

Having a guitar fret board diagram comes in handy. This will show you where the notes are and even some tabs and chord charts to easy-to-learn songs that you can practice on.

Knowing the notes is just half the battle. Constantly practice the notes and the chords altogether, changing and switching positions continuously. Do this until the lesson becomes the routine, and ultimately, the routine becomes part of playing the guitar naturally and beautifully.

Basic Guitar Chords


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