Learning Guitar Slowly to Speed Things Up

Since you are enthusiastic to learn guitar playing, you might have some ideas that you believe will help speed up the acquisition of the skill. One of the things that you should keep in mind is that you have to practice unhurriedly. You will encounter disappointments when you begin learning but in the end you will understand why a slow learning process is important when it comes to playing the guitar.

In this very fast world we live in, we tend to speed up everything. How we eat, how we read, how we talk, etc. are examples of what this hurried state that we are in. When you say “I don’t have time to do things slowly.” or “I don’t have the patience.” then it would be better not to start with your guitar playing. You have to make time for practice and to practice SLOWLY. Your body needs to learn its own time when playing the guitar. One of the first things you have to know is the natural breaks that occur when you play scales or change chords.

Practicing with a metronome will make you aware of those moments when you are not able to keep in time without straining or rushing. This results because your body does not have the muscular movements set up to go from one area of the fretboard to the other. If you calm down and let your hands and arms move at their own pace, the guitar practice will be more relaxing and enjoyable. When you play in a relaxed manner everything follows. Your mood will be on “happy” mode and eventually you will look forward to practice time.

It is a sight to see professional guitar players move their hands with lightning speed up and down the fretboard. But be assured that the skill was acquired from many hours of practice and slowly at first. Do not imitate these guitar players yet until you are sure of your skill else you might injure your fingertips and your hands. Not only do you need patience and effort to practice but also to learn the proper way to do it and the reason why it should be done. Through trial and error you will learn to adjust, to relax and to play the guitar properly.

Practicing is always emphasized by guitar articles and guitar guides for beginners because it is the only way to perfect the skill. Repeating the chords and strumming or picking will let you have your own pace and style. The aim here is to play the guitar piece instinctively. Know what you are playing by heart so that your fingers and hand will flow to the next chord effortlessly. Get into the habit of repeating chord changes and guitar scales in a calm manner. You will gain more benefits in the long run as you do so.

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