Acoustic Guitar Flatpicking Techniques For the Right Hand

Acoustic guitar flatpicking techniques are ways to convey your music to the audience. This allows you to make your guitar playing more interesting and unique especially when you do not have the luxury of having electronic effects that electric guitars have.

Acoustic guitar flat picking is how you handle the guitar strings using a pick. It is how you control the volume, tone and manage the clarity of your flatpicking. The right hand (in most cases) controls how you play the acoustic guitar and how it produces a sound as well. Concentration should be given to this right hand.

Freedom of movement should be the main part of your flatpicking technique. The right hand should be able to move freely from the sound hole to the bridge. This will allow the widest range of tones available on the acoustic guitar. A known obstacle to freedom of movement is anchoring the right hand by pressing down the guitar body with your little finger.

A lot of guitar flatpickers anchor their little finger on the guitar body and with much practice the sound that comes out becomes clearer. But then the ability to move the right hand is very limited. This would entail the player to move his right hand for a tonal effect by swiveling it around and still touching the body of the guitar or lifting the finger and place it on a new position. These method increases muscular tension and causes discomfort in the long run.

Another basic guitar flatpicking technique is the ability for the upward and downward movement of the pick to connect between any two strings as and when it is required. After some practice this is not difficult to do. The basic thing is when you are deciding whether to play using upward or downward strokes is dependent on the next note. If you are playing a note on the sixth string and your next note is on the fifth, you will definitely use a down stroke to produce the next sound.

Down strokes are much easier than upward strokes so must do this. There is a need to practice both ways of stroking especially when the guitar piece calls for it. The technique here is to practice finishing your down stroke and progress to an upward stroke to strike on the next note.

There is nothing like consistency in practicing acoustic guitar flatpicking techniques. As you move forward in time, your guitar playing technique will develop its uniqueness.

If you are looking for further information, here is the link to best seller guitar instruction book(Flatpicking Guitar Basics – Acoustic Guitar’s Private Lessons) for Guitar Flatpicking.


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