Finger Picking Guitar Lessons

There’s always something new to learn when you have tried something new. Like in learning to play guitar, once you have gotten familiar with the chords and strumming a guitar, there is always that itch to keep developing your skill. So why not add some pretty cool finger picking into your repertoire. Watching top guitarists perform and it may look difficult to learn. But make no mistake, once you have learned this skill, you will be amazed at the new-found difference it makes in your quality of music.

If you are without a guitar teacher and have managed to teach yourself to play the guitar so far, you can always learn finger picking by listening to existing materials from popular and even classical artists like Peter Paul & Mary. Keep it simple by working out the picking patterns the guitarists are using while learning the chords. It is easy to be intimidated with such types of music but worry not. Finger picking is actually a lot easier when you really listen to it for the first time.

An incredible achievement to have when it comes to being an accomplished finger picking guitar player is the pride in having delivered a brilliant guitar solo with the melody of your guitar and the speed of your fingers. Get yourself finger picking exercises that are designed to help you develop your skills and discipline you into a faster pace. Continuous work on those exercises will build you enough skill to even perform your own guitar solo.

Working on your finger picking lessons includes keeping your wrist as relaxed as possible while putting effort in using the muscles on your forearms. With your left hand keep your fingers over the fret board in an arch shape and place each finger to a particular fret. On the other hand, use your thumb to play the bass notes in the fifth and sixth strings while the other three fingers play the melody.

The guitar is an amazing instrument to master. And the skill you can develop by exercises such as finger picking and ultimately applying them to your own personal musical style may just bring out a great performance in you.


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