Learn the Guitar by Learning Songs

When it comes to developing a passion for learning musical instruments such as playing the guitar, there is always a great sense of accomplishment that comes with the success of challenging oneself to learn such new skill. Not all, however, strive with the same intensity of will until the end, as they often struggle with understanding the guitar, not increasing their skill as fast as they had hoped and eventually leads to giving up on the instrument and themselves.

It’s true learning to play the guitar is never without hardship and practice, but when taught the right manner, will also instill the right knowledge to any beginner that will build up a desire to continue learning instead of despair out of hardship.

The most common mistake made by guitar tutors is educating their student from their advanced point of view instead of guiding a beginner’s hesitant and curious longing to learn. While a typical guitar teacher gives out a guitarists point of view on how a guitar is played, a student learns playing and increases his education with the satisfaction of actually playing the guitar.

Yes, one can provide guitar lessons on chords, scales and guitar technique. These musical elements can be explained to a student but the same are all not enough to develop a student into a player. Many guitar teaches forget to motivate their students by empowering them to give themselves personal satisfaction which does not come from the average black board training but instead through the opportunity to play songs.

By allowing guitar beginners s to learn songs that they are familiar with or are currently listening to, they become aware of an increase in what they know, hear their performance develop, and continue to strive to learn more. Musical theory, given any instrument, comes up too dry until a student has had the chance to apply it.

The same is true when learning the guitar. A chance to apply what was learned makes the lesson effective and once a student starts playing actual guitar songs and realizing the truths in the theories he was presented with, he will venture out to play more and ultimately discover more theories to understand his craft better.

The bottom line, guitar chords, guitar techniques, and theories are taught more effectively when taught in the context of a known song, instead of discussing them in their purity. After all, we take up the guitar to learn how to play. Being able to learn from a performance point of view increases our interests in playing and maintains our passion for the music.

If you need help for singing a song while you are playing your guitar. Here is an Essential Guide to Singing Like a Professional (Check it Out).


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