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Play Rhythm Guitar

People often wonder what a rhythm guitarist does in a band. What is his or her role? Well, there is actually no rule that differentiates a rhythm and lead guitarist. Both roles can be reversed. For example, the lead guitar may do some strumming while rhythm will do some picking. As long as what they do complement each other then there is no conflict.

However, the rhythm guitarist must be part of the rhythmic structure of the song being played. The sounds that come from the rhythm guitarist should add body to the music being played. To be more graphic about the two roles. We can take a sheet music or tablature of a song with chords marked and plays the song through using just one guitar playing the chords marked on the music. This is the rhythm guitar part. If there is any other guitar sound in the song then that is the lead guitar. Continue reading

Guitar Scale Modes

When learning to play the guitar, there comes a time when you must excel from being a beginner to an advanced player. Constantly learning a variety of techniques adds depth and variety to your performance. This also tells your audience that you are not an average guitar player but a true artist. One such technique is the mastery of guitar scales.

Learning guitar scales is crucial when you want to be more than just a guitar player. This advances your guitar skills as this includes understanding the 7 modes of the major scale and reaching such familiarization with it to the point of enabling you to make your own guitar solos and riffs.

The first step in learning guitar scales is studying the major scale and its specific note intervals. All 7 modes start off with a given note and having full grasp of the major scale makes memorizing patterns a whole lot simpler.

A scale is a series of notes with predefined intervals, starting with a root note, and ending on the same note one octave higher.
If music has the ability to impact our emotions and mood, the same goes versa. An interval pattern of scales will define its mood and style, ranging from happy and upbeat (Ionian mode), to sad (Aeolian mode), to sinister (Locrian mode). Continue reading

Easy Classical Guitar Songs

The classical guitar is a mesmerizing instrument to study. It brings the rewarding experience of being able to successfully play bass with melody and accompaniment together after the challenging process of learning and hitting the right chords and notes. It certainly becomes more enjoyable when you start playing easy classical songs.

One of the great things about classical guitar music is that most artists back in the day composed what can be defined as easy pieces, designed for accompaniment and even solo instrumentals for a nylon string guitar. A musical legacy we benefit from at present.

Though, it is never without a challenge, of course. One of which is that off putting sound a classical guitar makes as you move your hand up and down the neck of the guitar. The friction made by the fingers wrapped between the steel wires sometimes creates a stronger volume of sound than the actual music itself, intimidating most beginners. Fret not, its all a matter of technique as you lift you finger ever so slightly while switching positions. If you have done this without losing control of your playing, then you are on your way.

Easy classical guitar pieces can be found from some of the most popular songs by The Beatles like Fool on the Hill(Listen This Song) or I’ve Just Seen a Face(Listen This Song). These are classic melodies that everyone loves to listen to and every musician loves to perform. If you are up to the challenge, there are several collections of classical pieces you can also take on like those of Johann Sebastian Bach and Jerry Willard.

And once you are fully pleased in playing easy classical guitar songs, another exciting challenge is to see, or hear, what your skill can do with a more modern type of sound. Yes, you do not need to confine yourself to classical pieces. Besides the many performances you can create with classical guitar music from say, The Beatles, you can venture out into current arrangements and see how you can add a classical twist to the contemporary tunes.

Overall, a great thing about learning and playing classical guitar is the great fulfillment you will get even with just easy classical guitar pieces on your hands. So go ahead and start playing.

Double Neck Guitars

Double neck guitars are great for live performances. The advantage of having a double neck guitar is that the player can not only change sounds but can jump into another source for the creation of that sound. Those who don’t use a double neck guitar will have to place the guitar down and pick up another which might create a gap in the performance. The double neck guitar will be an advantage and shows the versatility of the performer immediately.

Double Neck Guitar

Double neck guitars were popularized by Jimmy Page who was part of the rock band Led Zeppelin. The fantastic use of the double neck guitars can be heard with songs like “The Song Remains the Same”(MP3 Album), “Stairway to Heaven”(MP3) and the “Rain Song”(MP3). Other guitarists like Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush, and John Lodge of the Moody Blues also used double neck guitars but how it was used for performance can be attributed to the Led Zeppelin guitarist. Continue reading

Gibson Flying V Electric Guitar

The Gibson Flying V electric guitar was so popular in the late 50s and even up to today, there are still guitar players who would want to own this guitar model. The V shaped guitar is an attention-getter and will always be a collector’s dream guitar. The guitar was priced at $247.50 plus a $75.00 for the hard case when it first came out. For that price, it was not so affordable. Those who were able to buy a “V” when it was first released would know that it is worth thousands at this point in time.

The 1958 Gibson Flying V was manufactured on a limited scale. It was said that the guitar had less than a 100 piece when it came out in the market. Original Flying Vs nowadays would cost $40,000 and the value is rising as they become limited.

1958 Gibson Flying V Electric Guitars

So what makes this V shaped guitar so popular even though it is more than 50 years old? For one thing its unique look made it so “modern” during the late 50s. It also produces a decent sound which makes it nice to play. Gibson still sells a Flying V Gothic model which has 2 ’57 style humbucking pickups with no covers. A mark of its originality is the moon-and-star inlay at the 12th fret. Continue reading

Yamaha Guitar Package Comparison & Buying Guide

Acoustic, Electric or Bass? This is one of the many questions you are faced with when you first start learning how to play the guitar. There are countless options on music stores you are bound to visit and most of the time; they just end up with headaches. So instead of punishing yourself in the beginning of your musical journey, why not try guitar packages like the Yamaha Gigmaker guitar pack? Guitar packages such as Yamaha Guitar Package will provide you with everything you need to have to start learning and playing your first guitar.

Yamaha Guitar Package has three different types that will help you settle on what would be suitable for your own style.

Best Deals on Yamaha Guitar Packs

Yamaha Gigmaker Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Package

The first one is a Yamaha acoustic guitar package, which comes with the fundamentals such as a sheath, a tuner, a set of extra strings, guitar strap, picks and instructional DVD guide for your guitar. Continue reading

How to Buy Left Handed Electric Guitars

People wonder what it is with electric guitars that lore young and old alike. An electric guitar is a symbol of rock and roll as well as the corresponding freedom that goes with this music genre.

Beginner guitarists, band members or garage players always find a thrill when making music with an electric guitar.

Most electric guitars and Guitar Packages are made for right handed players but left handed models are available as well. Manufacturers now consider the lefties and have models that are popular for this feature.

If you are looking for a left handed guitar to get a child’s interest then the Left Handed Short Scale Starter Electric Guitar manufactured of Adirondack Guitar may be an answer. These starter guitar packages have the following features: Continue reading