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Supersized Homemade Flying V Guitar

I have seen too many Homemade Guitars many times but this one is a little bit different. This is the biggest guitar that one man can play.

This Flying V is the largest one man playable guitar. It’s a gigantic flying V and was hand crafted at The Guitar Shack by Ralph Ciociano.  Over six months of work went into the crafting of this stunning instrument. Continue reading

The Giant Portuguese Guitar

Journeyman Pictures have made a great video about the Giantic Portuguese Guitar, Manufactured by a Local Guitar Maker.

This Guitar is a result of a 9 Month work, 16 Meters long 8 Meters wide and 4 tons weight of different woods.

It has been showned in the second biggest city of Portugal called “Porto“.

Here is the video of the Biggest Guitar in the World.