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Easy Classical Guitar Songs

The classical guitar is a mesmerizing instrument to study. It brings the rewarding experience of being able to successfully play bass with melody and accompaniment together after the challenging process of learning and hitting the right chords and notes. It certainly becomes more enjoyable when you start playing easy classical songs.

One of the great things about classical guitar music is that most artists back in the day composed what can be defined as easy pieces, designed for accompaniment and even solo instrumentals for a nylon string guitar. A musical legacy we benefit from at present.

Though, it is never without a challenge, of course. One of which is that off putting sound a classical guitar makes as you move your hand up and down the neck of the guitar. The friction made by the fingers wrapped between the steel wires sometimes creates a stronger volume of sound than the actual music itself, intimidating most beginners. Fret not, its all a matter of technique as you lift you finger ever so slightly while switching positions. If you have done this without losing control of your playing, then you are on your way.

Easy classical guitar pieces can be found from some of the most popular songs by The Beatles like Fool on the Hill(Listen This Song) or I’ve Just Seen a Face(Listen This Song). These are classic melodies that everyone loves to listen to and every musician loves to perform. If you are up to the challenge, there are several collections of classical pieces you can also take on like those of Johann Sebastian Bach and Jerry Willard.

And once you are fully pleased in playing easy classical guitar songs, another exciting challenge is to see, or hear, what your skill can do with a more modern type of sound. Yes, you do not need to confine yourself to classical pieces. Besides the many performances you can create with classical guitar music from say, The Beatles, you can venture out into current arrangements and see how you can add a classical twist to the contemporary tunes.

Overall, a great thing about learning and playing classical guitar is the great fulfillment you will get even with just easy classical guitar pieces on your hands. So go ahead and start playing.

Free Classical Guitar Sheet Music

When we were learning the classical guitar back in 90’s, one of the hardest thing was to find sheet music for classical guitars.  There was no such thing as internet where we could find thousands of free sheet music.  We had to buy it from local guitar stores, or borrow from our friends and get a copy of it.

Now, the internet era has brought so many advantages to the guitar players.  You can buy any type of sheet music online.  You can also find so many free sheet music for classical guitar.  For beginners, sometimes it’s hard to find the free sheet music sources.  Many websites which says they offer free sheet music actually try to sell you sheet music.  So I’ve gathered a list of websites where you can find free classical guitar sheet music.

Free Classical Guitar Sheet Music Resources

These are some of the awesome free resources for classical guitar sheet music.  I’ll be adding more resources to this list.  If you have any suggestions, please add as a comment, and I’ll be happy to review and update this list.