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Coolest Custom Made Guitars

You can see too many custom designed products like furnitures, cars, jewellery etc. but it’s not easy to drop a cross the special designed custom made guitars..

Well, I think you are gonna like these guitars. They are all custom designed and reflects the owners personalities.

Here are some of the coolest handmade custom made guitars.. Continue reading

Some Helpful Tips for Buying an Electric Guitar

Guitar Diagram

Guitar Diagram

A) Player: The most important element of a guitar is the player. Different people may have different sounds from the same guitar. Even anatomy of the fingers or stroke on the strings may affect the sound quality. The technique of the player is also very important. Some people may give their sole to the guitar while playing but some may not. In a word, musical note differs from person to person.

B) Furniture of the Guitar: Especially the furniture of the handle and body is very important. (mahogany ,basswood ,ash ,plexi ,pine apple…) Every wood may create a different sound. Basswood is a tree which may create a fast and soft, loud sound. (joe satriani ,petrucci ,van halen). That is why this guitar is used by the very fast players. Also, Mahogany (les paul) is used for calm and soft sounds.

C) Structure of the Handle: There is not a big choice group of this element. In the ordinary models usually maple or mahogany are used. The sound is thicker then.

Handle directly affects the quality of the sound. The more quality has the furniture, the better vibrations are sent and better the sound is. The thickness of the handle is really important. There are some alternatives about the handles: Gibson is narrow and has middle thickness; fender is wide and thick, ibanez has midlle thickness and narrow.

An other component is the numer of the shields. For the 20th, 22th or 24th shield has different characteristics. The longer the length of the shield is, the longer the handle is. Also, the distance between flates get bigger. Of course this is related with the style and the brand of the guitar.

Also, the connection from handle to body has 3 types (some of the companies use mixed methods like prs, siggi or braun)

  1. Set Neck (les paul or classic guitar)
  2. Neck Thru (typical expensive jackson,esp)
  3. Bolt On(fender strat, jackson dinky and all cheap guitars).

Set Neck: Two furniture is attached with the help of a glue. Also, there is a overhang to make a support. This overhang usually complicates the playibility of the string gap between 18th and 22th shield. Technique is still an important issue here.

Neck Thru: Handle is as long as body, body and handle is pressed. Even it may be screwed. Due to the reason that magnetics are connected to the handle, furniture of the handle becomes much more important. Sustain has the highest level in this type.

Bolt On: This is the method of attaching with screw and disc. Especially really fast players choose this method. It is used commen because of its costs being low.

D) Magnetics are the devices which transforms the vibrations of the strings to the voice. It is made of a bobbin, covered with copper wire. Every garlic creates a diffrerence on the quality of volume. Now there are several brands in this field. If the volume does not satisfy your expectations, you need to buy a new bobbin after investigating the style definitely.

Magnectis can be observed in two sections: Single Coil and Humbucker. They may be active or passive. On this topic may be discussed for long time. You may not discuss on the delights of course. Both has advantages and disadvantages. Active magnetics give loud, neutral and noiseless volume.

The volume of passive magnetics change due to the brand. Magnetic area affects the strings more because they are much bigger. This makes a negative effect on the sustain and accord, but the melody still remains nice. The sounds are much natural. Ex: Joe satriani , Steve vai , Scott Ian , Dimebag Darrell, Dave Mustaine etc.

Humbucker is more noiseless than singlecoil. If it will be played with a high level of gain it should be chosen. Moreover, single-coil is much dynamic and emphatic. Especially country, blues and jazz may be played with delight

E) Labor: If you do not get your guitar custom made; it means that your guitar is made in factory. This type of guitar has a standard. When you want to buy a guitar, the distance between string and handle should be little, when you hold the guitar it needs to fit in your hand, comfort and to feel the handle is really important. Care to be taken about those points when a guitar is going to be bought. Of course when the quality of labor and furniture increases, the cost increases.

F) Bridge: Bridge modifies the playability, inequality of frequency,also bridge is very important to create the volume. Every detail of bridge is important; like weight, the way the strings take place or connects to the body. Has 2 types:

Constant Bridge(tunamatic bridge): some models of the wilkinson and kahler, les paul

Active Bridge(Floyd Rose Bridge): This also has 2 parts as: one way(way to the handle), two ways

Every system has advantages and disadvantages. It is easier to change the strings if the guitar has constant bridge, however in the Floyd Rose model it is harder. Everyone his own style and uses choses his model according to his delight.

G) Brand and Prestige: Before we buy a guitar, we need to clear out what kind of guitar we are going to play.There are lots of brands right now in the market.First type is the original ones and the guitars that are made in Far East. The second type has a lower quality. IBANEZ has production of special guitars in Japan, and for serial productions this brand chooses Malaysi

The best thing to do is to make a detailed search in internet and before buying a product, to try it with your own hands. If you are not a professional player,it is better to try with a person who knows about this issue because the sale consultants in the shops may show a low quality brand as a high one.

H) Other Factors: The guitar equipments are totally different from this subject. There are thousands of choices for analog setups, amphlifiers, digital processors. Analog setups give more natural volume. Digital processors may give less natural volume. The choice depends on persons delight., but as previous topics the user has to make a detailed search before buying guitar or its components.