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Gibson Proudly Presents The Robot Guitar

Everybody knows and loves Gibson.

Gibson is a company that never loose the spirit of innovation and always works for improving their technology.

“True to the spirit of innovation that inspired Gibson to invent the legendary Tune-o-matic bridge, the powerful humbucker, and the revolutionary Digital Les Paul, Gibson proudly presents the Gibson Robot Guitar… The world’s first guitar with robotic technology. ”

Since the beginning days of guitar instrument’s invention most of the musicians had some problems about the guitar’s imperfections and lack of tonal precision. They always have fought to stay in tune on the stage or off the stage. Music Lovers and the performers has had to suffered through the show—halting, mood-killing atonal droning of a loudly amped guitar being brought into tune.

After the Gibson’s invention the performers will not have this kind of problems which effects their music’s quality and their concentrations. Not Anymore

Introducing the Gibson Robot Guitar. All you have to do is play it.

This technological instrument has an ability to tune itself at any tunes(like E, drop-D or C)

This Robot Guitar has accommodating a rechargable lithium battery on it and this battery let’s you to tune the instrument for 200 times.

here are some videos that introduce this perfect guitar

and some pictures