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Reasons to Learn Guitar Scales

So you have played around with your first acoustic guitar and have gotten around the chords and a few good songs. What is the point of learning about guitar scales, you may ask? You’ve learned guitar chords and can follow them on your favorite song, so is there really much to it by learning guitar scales? Do you really need more standardized lessons after getting the hang of playing the guitar and adapting your own musical style?

Knowledge of guitar scales gives your performance better control. Understanding the guitar fret board comes as one of the major reasons for learning guitar scales. Full familiarity and awareness of your fret board provides you with complete control over your style of playing as well as adds intensity and diversity to your performance.

Yes, you can play a certain song you already know and lots more after that, but what happens when you need to change it up a bit? The ability to be spontaneous and redefining the melody marks the difference between playing music and a giving a great performance. Applying the use of guitar scales helps achieve that quality of music. Continue reading