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Finding a Musician For Your Local Band

Local bands are inspiring part of communities.  Most local bands are formed by close friends, and usually they play for fun, not for the money.

But sometimes a friend or a band member must leave the band for different reasons.  And the rest of the band members need to find somebody new.  In the old days, finding a musician for your local band was one of the hardest things.  Now, with the help of internet, it is much easier.

Most of the bands around me use Craigslist for finding a new band member.  Craigslist even has a Musicians Category (Change New York to your location) under their Community section.  Bands advertise here for free to find new members.  There are even some ads about starting a band.  So, if you decide to start your own band, it would be a great place to find the other band members.

How do you go with finding a musician for your local band?  Do you use Craigslist? Are there other websites out there that helped you?